***Cancellations ***

updated - 10-18-2016

•      We have two practice groups that will be based off of skill level and experience.
Wrestlers will be placed in these groups by the coaching staff, with the final decision
being the head coach’s. Wrestlers may be moved around as the season progresses based
on the head coach’s decision. Each groups will have practice two nights a week. We are
at the schools mercy as to when we can have the wrestling room, so we don’t have a
standard practice schedule .You will find the practice schedule on our website:

•        We communicate primarily through email's. So it is very important to read them .We
will be sending out a test email to everyone. Please reply to that so we know that it is
The clubs email address is

•        Your child will have many opportunities to test their skills in tournaments. You will
find the list of tournaments that we will be attending on our website. www.elcowrestling.

•        As you will see we need as much room as possible for our kids to practice. So we
are asking the parents to stay out of the room while practice is in session. We will make
an exception for the 6U group.

•        We are always in need for help coaching. Parents please don’t be bashful; you don’t
need to have wrestling experience to make a difference in this wrestling room. Please let a
coach know that you’re interested in helping. If you know your left from right, than you
are qualified to help. We are requiring all coaches and anyone helping with the wrestlers
to submit Pennsylvania State Police Background checks and Child Abuse Clearances. We
will need copies of these to keep on file.

•        This year there are a few new rules per the High School. Absolutely NO ONE is
allowed in the weight room! There have been too many incidents and the school is very
adamant about this. Also, if school is not in session, there will be no wrestling practice.
This also goes for early dismissals due to weather.

•        PARENTS: We are in need of parents getting more involved with club functions.
Participation is requested with all our functions such as: our Sub Sale and Meat Raffle but
especially important with our Wrestling and Golf Tournaments. Please speak with Todd
Wiczalkowski or Stephanie Bechtel if interested.


A couple of important notes:  Wrestling shoes should NOT be worn outside.  Doing so
brings dirt into the wrestling room.  In addition to being unsanitary, small stones stuck in
the shoes can damage the mat.  In addition, since the shoes are not designed for outside
wear, they will prematurely wear out.  

Along the same lines, we ask the everyone, including parents, to not wear shoes other
than wrestling shoes in the wrestling room.  The wrestling mats are extremely expensive
and we want to take good care of them.     

Finally, despite the efforts to keep the wrestling mats sanitized, it is always best for
wrestlers to take showers immediately after every practice and tournament.  Also, remind
your wrestler to keep their hands away from their mouths until their hands are washed.  

In the past, ELCO's Athletic Trainer, Adam Zurick, came to one of our practices to discuss
the issue of MRSA and any other wrestling related health concerns the parents may have
had.  If anyone would like us to, we can ask that he come again this year.  

Following are two websites that he referred us to in the past for additional information.  
On both sites, enter MRSA in the search box.


One additional source for information.

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